Honest, everything in my house isn't cow print! Over on the Craftster board, there was a craft-a-long for pincushions, so I gave it a shot. Mine aren't as pretty as some of them posted over there, but I like 'em. I used some leftover fabric I had and whipped them up in just a few minutes. Now that all the pins have a new home, I need to do another one for all of my needles now. ;)

With the Marine Corps Ball coming up next weekend and my notorious procrastination, next week will be dedicated to making a dress for the ball. I picked up my pattern today. When I get it finished, I'll be sure to post it, too.

I have to give a big shout-out and "Thanks a bunch!" to the members of Craftster. Joining that board has awakened my slumbering love of sewing. YAY!!! My ever-faithful Singer doesn't feel so neglected anymore.
This is a card I made for my neice and her husband to congratulate them on their new baby girl. It's not very often I get to do baby things, so this one was fun. The mitered corners were a bit of a bear (no pun intended.)

I decided to separate my crafting madness from my regular blog, so here it is!

Those who know me AT ALL know that I am a craft junkie. A whole craft room is a MUST for me b/c of all the supplies I have horded. I'm a scrapbooker, knitter, seamstress (everything from stuff for the house to toys to formalwear), painter, stamper, and a few more that I don't really have a name for(...altered arts, maybe?) I did cross-stitch for many years and tried my hand at embroidery for a while. Eventually I'll add crochet to the list.

Here are some recent projects I've completed....

My cow print purse (because we all know how much I LOVE cows). :)

A knitted pillow for my oldest daughter. This thing took FOR-EVAH b/c I still consider myself a beginner.

Since I have acquired SO many sets of needles and they were EVERYWHERE, I took a Heinekin keg can, did a little altering, weighted the base down, glued on an old doily, and VOILA! Now my needles are neat, tidy, and cool looking on my shelf.

Here's a closer view.

I actually embroidered these squares and made this quilt a while back, but it's now found a home. I'm sending it to my neice who just had a baby.

So that's part of what I've been up to lately. I plan to post recently completed projects as time goes along. There are a couple of more, but since they're gifts, they're a secret for now. ;)