Another big batch of FO's

I've been so busy lately trying to get Christmas gifts made that I haven't taken the time to post. Here's what I've been up to lately.

Wreath for the front door

For my dad...what began as a beanie morphed. It was too big and the yarn was way too scratchy for his widdle bald head. I filled it with goodies before I sent if off.

For my stepmom...She loves to embroider, so I made her a sewing kit for her supplies.
Closed...(I've since added a ribbon trim and bow around the lid)
And opened...(now filled with new needles, scissors, thimble, etc)

One of my fellow Craftsters made a Gir hoodie that Breeze absolutely FLIPPED over. Without a pattern and only pics to go by, I managed to pull it off. I totally took her by surprise on Christmas morning when she opened hers. She put it on immediately and didn't take it off all day.

And because Kat LOVES bright green and monkeys, when I saw the fabric for the Gir, I knew I had to get enough to make her a hoodie also. She's not into Gir and is more of the sporty, preppy-type dresser than her sis, so hers is a simple green with white trim.
And for my monkey girl, I stepped up my crochet a few notches and attempted to a Curious George. As I went along, it looked less and less like "George" and more and more like "Georgette". I went with it, made a dress, and added hair, making it officially a monkey girl. The hair gave her a look of dreds, but it was done, and it was crunch time of finishing gifts. We thought Kat had lost the wrist warmers I made for her last year, so I whipped out another pair. Of course, after I finished them, wrapped them, and got them under the tree, we found the original pair. Good thing I went with different yarn this time!

I had the tiniest bit of leftover yarn and started goofing around with it and made this ornament.

One part of Mom's...

And finally, my first felting project! Because Breeze is such a little purse hound, I knew she'd love this. There was some frustration and shouted expletives on my part when I discovered pattern corrections AFTER I'd knitted the pieces and began putting them together, but I fixed it and moved on. This is "Letter Have It" from S'n B Nation.