Pointy sticks and dull hooks

That's been the tools of frequency lately. Yep, knitting and crochet projects this time.

This one's still an agonizing work in progress. I have a TON left to do, and I'm not enjoying it. If I weren't making it for my mom, it would've already gone back to the "frog pond".

Yeah, that left side is all jacked up, but I'm not frogging it and restarting.

Here's an up-close of the stitch pattern. It's so tedious! I know it'll be gorgeous when I'm done, but who knows when that'll be.

To take a break from that, I whipped up a mindless garter stitch project with a couple of different yarns knitted together. I still need to sew a lining to put in it, put a closure on it, and dress it up a bit. I LOVE how soft it is!

Last on the list for now is this crochet hook caddy. I used a pattern by Priscilla Hewitt as a starting point, but kinda winged it from there. I used crap yarn since it was a test project, but when I make another (and hopefully BETTER) one, I'll use something good. Maybe I'll actually follow her pattern next time. ;)

My knitting and crochet teaching days are coming to a close, I think. I'm thinking of taking some time off from teaching all together starting in August, but even when I go back to it, I don't think I'll add these to the schedule again.

Wire wrapping

Remember up until a few months ago, I was one of those, "I don't make jewelry. I don't like it" people? Well, I'll have my crow served warm, please.

I took a class from Michelle, my sister at heart, last Thursday. After a couple of broken wires and a broken pendant, I finally succeeded. The pic doesn't do this piece justice, and I'm so proud of it! I'm so glad I took the class, even though she did squawk at me for *paying* for her to teach me something. Now I know more of what the hell I'm doing when it comes to working with wire.

Thank you, Michelle! Love ya, Hon!

The pendant is a black and white stone, and I used jet, smoke, and crystal Swarovski crystals, silver beads, black glass cubes, and pearls. The necklace is strands of black leather.
Here's a couple of close-ups of the pendant.

Pergamano, anyone?

A new lady moved to town and added some classes to the schedule at the store. I looked at the samples and HAD to know how she did it. I did some research online and discovered that here in the States, it's a rare hobby. I signed up for the classes and just completed the 2nd one tonight. I LOVE the end result!

After the first class, a friend and I went online to order starter kits, and found that THE ONLY PLACE in the COUNTRY to order was http://www.ecstasycrafts.com/. So their website is great, and their shipping was quick. We ordered on Tuesday afternoon, and our order was delivered on Saturday.

So anyway, check out what I made!

This was from the first class I attended.

And I made this bookmark at tonight's class. Ignore the funky blue background. My scanner's stuck on stupey right now, so I had to have a dark color behind the images, and that was the closest thing in reach.

If you're groovin', you can check out http://www.pergamano.com/ and their gallery. There are some gorgeous things posted over there!