Recon time! This time it's a mirror. The Hub and I bought a bedroom suit YEARS ago, and over the years it just wasn't us anymore. So we took the mirror off of the dresser and did a little reconstructing on it and both LOVE it now.

This isn't a great before pic, but it's the only one I've got. It's rustic with black iron scrollwork in an arch at the top.

Now, here's what we turned it into...

I painted the oar myself a few years ago.
Finished knitting project!

When Knitty's Winter issue came out, the project that most knitters I know jumped on was "Calorimetry". Since my ears get SO cold in the winter, but I hate wearing hats, this little number was PERFECT for me. I used Lion Brand's Homespun in Baroque, and while I had to tweak the pattern a bit, I'm stoked with the result. Check it out! Ignore the "no makeup". I've been putting up lattice today, not entering a beauty pageant. ;)

And a view of the back...

Instead of the recommended CO of 120 stitches, I CO 90, and it's still plenty loose. Next time I'll probably CO 80 instead. If you wanna give it a try, go to for the pattern. For some reason, I'm having issues with posting a link tonight.
Memory boards!

IRL, this one's olive green with sage ribbon and gold buttons.

I didn't notice the fading where the fabric was folded on this one, but I don't think my daughter will mind/notice it.
New projects finished!

Since we can't be with our girls on a daily basis, I decided to make a mini book of some of mine and The Hub's favorite quotes and some "words of wisdom" for each of them. I left some blank pages so that they can add their own favorites, too.

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It seems like it's been forever since I finished anything crafty, but I did manage to crank out a couple of ATC's and finish a knitted skull cap today. Pics of the skull cap will have to wait until tomorrow at least.

Here are the two ATC's from today. The challenge over on the craftster board was to only use black paper, white paper, one 6-letter word, nail polish, foil, and a credit card. I didn't use a credit card, but I managed to use everything else on the list. Of course we could use glue, paper trimmer, regular hole punch, etc. Anyway, enough of my babbling...

My scanner isn't the greatest at actual colors, but I did the best I could. Oh, and both cards are black, so the white border isn't a part of the card (I just can't scan and crop things straight tonight).

Here's the one I did for last week's Scavenger Hunt challenge. The supply list varies each week.