Something new out of something old

Most of my time the past couple of weeks has been spent on another remodel, so there hasn't been a lot of crafting going on here. I did take my old spice cabinet out of my kitchen and recon it, though. I picked it up at the Habitat Restore last year, and it was just a basic white cabinet with adjustable shelves. It was great for holding all those little spice jars, but I needed it for a better purpose...a new home for my GWTW figurines and musicboxes.

The Hub and I took turns working on it. We took the door off, sanded, stripped it, and sanded again trying to get down to the wood. To our surprise when we got there, it had a solid oak facing that was absolutely beautiful. Because the shelves and box part of it weren't solid wood, we had to come up with something to accent the oak. The Hub made a wider, curved bottom shelf for my biggest Scarlett to sit on.

I repainted the dining room and kitchen in this last remodel, and while I was in Big Lots one day, I saw this beautiful fabric for $5. I picked it up, thinking I'd make a tablecloth or a runner for my buffet with it. Change of plans, and with a pair of scissors, spray adhesive, a putty knife, and a brayer, it became the lining for my Gone With The Wind shadowbox. Each shelf is lined separately. Whaddya think? I don't have a before pic of the cabinet, but just picture solid white and nothing special.

Yeah, I know my ceiling stills needs the trim put up. Here's a closeup of the bottom shelf.

And I did finally get a lining put in that garter purse. I made some little accents for the outside, as well. Thanks for teaching me how, Tess!