Yep, folks, it has happened. I'm not sure exactly when or how, but I've begun dabbling with beading. I think it happened when an instructor brought her class samples into the store, and I fell in LOVE with one of the bracelets. So anyway, I started off slow, and I'm trying to not go apeshit crazy like I did when I started scrapbooking and knitting. I don't need or want a gazillion beads laying around begging to be used. I have signed up for that class, so I have a couple of weeks to hone my abilities before I really step things up a few notches. It'll definitely be a challenge for me, but we all know that's never stopped me before.

I made this last week. Pretty simple, but I just loved the "tree agate" beads. I used a tute posted over on Craftster, but I can't recall the name of the one who posted it.

My friend Michelle came over last night and taught me the basics of even count flat peyote and tubular peyote b/c I saw a necklace that I wanna make SO badly. So far so good. Of course, today she had to take me to a bead store to get the "right kind" of seed beads (Delicas). Love them! My work feels so smooth and silky with those! Anyway, when I'm done with it *someday* I'll post it. I have to keep walking away from it to take a break b/c the beads are so tiny.

Oh, BTW, if you run across an issue of Bead Trends magazine, look Michelle up in there. She's had several pieces published in there now. Every time she says, "I've gotta show you what I made", I know I should get a towel to wipe up the drool. That woman is friggin' incredible. She's as kind and loving as she is talented.

On the scrappy front, I fallen in love with Tim Holtz' alcohol inks. I've had some for a while, but I didn't really know what to do with 'em. I took a class taught by a Ranger rep, and my admiration for Mr. Holtz' brilliance is once again renewed. I've checked into Ranger U, and I'd love to be able to go to it. We'll see, I guess.

Fiber-wise, I'm crocheting a blanket for my soon-to-arrive nephew. I need to get some more yarn b/c I found THE most adorable patterns for knitted Converse booties and a little devil hat. I can't believe I have NO red yarn in my stash! The booties can be done from leftover stuff I already have, but I *must* make him that hat.

Home remodeling has ceased, and I must say that I'm glad. There's still work to be done, but it can wait for a while for us to relax a little and build the savings back up.

That's about it for an update for now.