A plethora of craftiness

I really *am* a knitter! Although lately it doesn't appear that way. I've done WAY more crochet since this stupid wrist thing.

B came home from school oohing about a beanie her boyfriend was wearing and wanted one like it. Being a crafter, I usually can't bring myself to just BUY something without trying to make it myself first. So I found a pattern, pulled some Microspun outta my stash, and a few hours later, I was done. That NEVER happens when I knit! Anyway, this is the end result. Isn't she the cutest thing?

So a couple of days later (yesterday), she wanted matching wrist warmers. Again, being the ever-spoiling Mom, I found a pattern and whipped these up. I had never crocheted a pattern or shells before, so this was a total newbie thing. They're a little more loose than I had hoped they'd be, but she didn't want them to be snug.

And on the altering front, I signed up for a camera swap over on Craftster. A roll of film (or a disk if you're digi) of your town and a frame, and that was it. My partner loves the beach, even though she lives in MI, so I thought I'd send a bit of the ocean to her.

I took a plain wood frame from Michael's, some decoupage medium, mulberry paper, and some of those glass (half?) marbles, and cranked this baby out. She received it today and loves it. :)


The seamstress in me has been screaming to get some attention lately, so I turned her loose to see what she could come up with. The design is my own, and after a few frustrated attempts and figuring out the lining, I'm groovin'.

I found all of these upholstery remnants at a thrift store in NC (damn, I miss those! ) and knew I'd find a use for them eventually.

In the early stages, B laughed her little butt off b/c she said the design looked like upside down panties.


I have one other completed project, but since it was just mailed today, I can't post pics yet. Therefore, no peeking or hints, fiesty! I'll post pics once I know she's received.

Aside from some ATC's, that's about the extent of my craftiness these days.


Isn't he cayoot!? He's my latest crochet creation and stands about 4 inches tall. He's supposed to be a penguin, but he just cracks me up. I love projects that make me giggle as I put them together.
Tendonitis is still kicking my ass and interfering with my knitting, but I'm determined to not let it get the best of me. I cast on my first pair of socks, and that's about as far as I've gotten. That poor market bag is apparently just not meant to be. It may end up in the "frog pond", but I'll let it sit on the needles for a while longer.
I'm trying to give myself more crafting time and less house renovation time these days, so I've done a few LO's, some cards, ATC's, etc. My poor sewing machine is still feeling the neglect, though.
Determination will get me back to creating and posting more, but for now, this little penguin is all there is to post.