Success with attempt #2!

I frogged the other fingerless glove (wrist warmer, whatever you wanna call it) b/c I just didn't like the result. I used a smaller needle and a different stitch this time with much greater success. I crocheted (or at least attempted to crochet) the white trim around the edge and embroidered the flowers on. I think dd#2 will be pleased. Since her hand and arm are smaller than mine, it'll fit her much better than it does me. Now, what shall I do next? Well, aside from moving in the next few days. ;) Hmm, shrug for dd#1? Cabled skull cap for The Hub? Wrist warmers for grandma? I dunno yet. But for now, I'm quite pleased.

Birthday prezzies for my pixie goth!

Now that they've arrived safely in her tiny little hands, I can post pics.

I attempted knitting a pair of socks with this skull pattern on them, but I'm SO not advanced enough for socks yet! Using dpn's has been compared to wrestling an octopus, and that's a perfect comparison. So I frogged that and went with the scarf instead. There's a skull and crossbones on each end, but in the pic the back is showing on one end. It's backed with black velvet, so I hope it keeps her super warm this winter.

I had some penguin fabric left from a worry doll dress, so I thought my NessieBabe would dig a penguin pillow with a white satin back.


Because I never know when I'll be stuck somewhere waiting, I always carry a bag of WIP's and a couple of craft/scrapbooking mags with me when I leave the house.

I bought this bag a couple of years ago. There's nothing *wrong* with it, but it's just kinda generic, plain, blah. It also had no lining and therefore, no pockets.

I, being one who alters almost anything that'll sit still long enough, had my fill of the "blah bag". I was in Hancock Fabrics last week, and saw this oh so pretty remnant. It was *just* big enough for a small project. Since I recently bought a purse that I simply adore, I didn't want to make another purse. A lightbulb came on that said, "Ooooh! Messenger bag flap!" So I added some interfacing, lined it with some black fabric that I had in my stash, free-handed a palm tree and moon (ala South Carolina flag, b/c no matter where I go, SC is HOME), and embroidered them on it. The Hub says it looks like a pot leaf, but I'm not redoing it. I LIKE my atypical tree. I added a strap (should've been a little longer), and voila!

Since I just can't deal with no pockets, I made a lining for the bag. I didn't want to go with black b/c that'd make it like an abyss, and I didn't have a green that even came close, I chose to put in a beige liner. Yeah, kinda blah, but less chance of getting completely icky looking than white and it's still light colored. There are four pockets, two fairly shallow and two deep enough to hold a pair of knitting needles.

*sigh* I'm happy now.

*~*My first attempt at a fingerless glove*~*

I didn't follow a pattern (tried to do my own thing) and should've done some increases and decreases in there around the wrist, but I don't think it's *too* bad for a first attempt. I did some ribbing at both ends with some diamonds and diamond seed stitches in there. I think my gauge is making it not show up very well. *sigh* I AM going to get this knitting thing down! I think I may have to swing by BAM tomorrow for a copy of SnB. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

This mini chipboard clipboard (say that 5 times) was plain Jane brown. I used paper, K&Co puzzle pieces, ribbon, and alpha tags to decorate it to match this photo. That's one of my absolute fave landscape pics (taken when we went to Lake Havasu, AZ back in '97).

"The Dress" aka Ball dress 06.

As promised, here's the full view of my dress for the Ball this year. I had to snap a pic today since I was packing costumes and ball gowns for our move. Since I feel like a bulldozer is wreaking havoc on my insides today, I didn't put the dress back on for a pic. Maybe you can tell from the pic, but the hem is higher in front than in back.

More of a close-up of the hem.

This pic is more true in color and gives you an idea of how it fit.

Here's Gracie. Pay no attention to the stained carpet. It's a rental, and we're out of here soon. Oh, and that's *her* ribbon behind her. Gracie is 6 and 1/2 years old and is TOTALLY spoiled.

And here's Gracie's ugly baby!

After the seriousness of working on my dress for the ball this week, I had to do something completely funny/stupid. He's totally free-handed from scraps of felt, completely ugly, but he made me giggle, and Gracie loves him.