*Roar* Go Clemson!

With packing and all the other stuff going on, I haven't had a lot of time for crafting. I whipped this baby up last night, though. It's a thank you for a friend of mine who's a HUGE Clemson fan. I'm going to make her a few more, and I'm sure when The Hub sees them, he'll want some for himself, too. ;)

I've also made a few ATC's and posted them on my Flickr acct. This one was an experiment with embossing velvet, and it just grew from there. The rose is one that The Hub gave me several years ago that I pressed in a book.


Too many WIP's, not enough FO's

Since things have been so crazy around here with buying a house and getting ready to move while The Hub is deployed, my mind has seemed to run away and spiral out of control at times. I've started *many* projects, and that's very unlike me. Normally I have a max of 2 WIP's at a time, but I have about 10 going at the moment. Yeah, that's on top of raising a teenager, packing the house up, getting ready for a yard sale this weekend, and the current Koontz I'm reading.

Anyway, insomnia and the stress of my current situation got the better of me in the wee hours this morning. ~Sidenote: Why are they called "wee" hours anyway?~ With an atc blank and markers in hand, I let them become therapy for me. Sadly, this is the ONLY FO I can claim lately. *sigh*

From gross to kewl! AND I re-wired it!

I picked up this disgustingly nasty lamp at a thrift store for $3 the other day. I saw its potential, so I brought it home. Yeah, I know. Shocking.

Anyway, the socket was broken, the wiring was frayed, and it was FILTHY. The brass was all tarnished (and I hate brass anyway). So I picked up a wiring kit for it (YES, I REWIRED A FRIGGIN' LAMP!! AND IT WORKS!! I'm so pleased with myself!), painted the base, cleaned it up, and put in some of my seashells. I still need a shade for it, but I love my "new" lamp!

Whaddya think?