A plethora of craftiness

I really *am* a knitter! Although lately it doesn't appear that way. I've done WAY more crochet since this stupid wrist thing.

B came home from school oohing about a beanie her boyfriend was wearing and wanted one like it. Being a crafter, I usually can't bring myself to just BUY something without trying to make it myself first. So I found a pattern, pulled some Microspun outta my stash, and a few hours later, I was done. That NEVER happens when I knit! Anyway, this is the end result. Isn't she the cutest thing?

So a couple of days later (yesterday), she wanted matching wrist warmers. Again, being the ever-spoiling Mom, I found a pattern and whipped these up. I had never crocheted a pattern or shells before, so this was a total newbie thing. They're a little more loose than I had hoped they'd be, but she didn't want them to be snug.

And on the altering front, I signed up for a camera swap over on Craftster. A roll of film (or a disk if you're digi) of your town and a frame, and that was it. My partner loves the beach, even though she lives in MI, so I thought I'd send a bit of the ocean to her.

I took a plain wood frame from Michael's, some decoupage medium, mulberry paper, and some of those glass (half?) marbles, and cranked this baby out. She received it today and loves it. :)


The seamstress in me has been screaming to get some attention lately, so I turned her loose to see what she could come up with. The design is my own, and after a few frustrated attempts and figuring out the lining, I'm groovin'.

I found all of these upholstery remnants at a thrift store in NC (damn, I miss those! ) and knew I'd find a use for them eventually.

In the early stages, B laughed her little butt off b/c she said the design looked like upside down panties.


I have one other completed project, but since it was just mailed today, I can't post pics yet. Therefore, no peeking or hints, fiesty! I'll post pics once I know she's received.

Aside from some ATC's, that's about the extent of my craftiness these days.

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