Susie and a hiding place

Seems like it's been forever since I had the creativity going on something besides remodeling, but it has returned!

First, the hiding place. I had a pin cushion that my longer pins went through and stabbed me every time I looked at it. I found this cute little box somewhere along the way and knew that I'd find a good use for it eventually. I love wooden boxes and seem to collect them whether I have a use in mind at the time or not.

And the solution to two problems at once!

Now for Susie...

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE handbags. Over the past few months, I've sketched several out with the intention of making all of them when I had some free time. Free time finally happened, and the Susie bag is finished.

The flower petals and leaf are some leftover leather I had laying around begging to be used. I still need to put a snap on it so it'll close. The bag is made from a man's wool suitcoat, and the strap is part of a belt I found at a thrift store.

Hopefully the free time will continue so I can get back to what I love to do. :)

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kerlaine said...

lovely things
I do like the pincushion box