Success with attempt #2!

I frogged the other fingerless glove (wrist warmer, whatever you wanna call it) b/c I just didn't like the result. I used a smaller needle and a different stitch this time with much greater success. I crocheted (or at least attempted to crochet) the white trim around the edge and embroidered the flowers on. I think dd#2 will be pleased. Since her hand and arm are smaller than mine, it'll fit her much better than it does me. Now, what shall I do next? Well, aside from moving in the next few days. ;) Hmm, shrug for dd#1? Cabled skull cap for The Hub? Wrist warmers for grandma? I dunno yet. But for now, I'm quite pleased.


*** hunzer *** said...

OMG ~ I'm loving those gloves!! I have fingerless gloves on my to-do list right now. They are turning out great!!


Sketched Soul said...

Very pretty!
I really like the added touches with the embroidered flowers and white trim :)