It seems like it's been forever since I finished anything crafty, but I did manage to crank out a couple of ATC's and finish a knitted skull cap today. Pics of the skull cap will have to wait until tomorrow at least.

Here are the two ATC's from today. The challenge over on the craftster board was to only use black paper, white paper, one 6-letter word, nail polish, foil, and a credit card. I didn't use a credit card, but I managed to use everything else on the list. Of course we could use glue, paper trimmer, regular hole punch, etc. Anyway, enough of my babbling...

My scanner isn't the greatest at actual colors, but I did the best I could. Oh, and both cards are black, so the white border isn't a part of the card (I just can't scan and crop things straight tonight).

Here's the one I did for last week's Scavenger Hunt challenge. The supply list varies each week.

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