From my heart (and needles) to her head

Two down, a gazillion to go.

I set a new personal record with this hat. I cast on last Monday night and weaved in my ends tonight (Sunday). I just LOVE the pattern! Since this one's a gift for a very special person, I'll have to make myself one now. I used Bernat Baby in lilac, and it is SO soft! The pattern is from the winter issue of knit.1 magazine.

Meet Moo. Isn't she adorable? I rescued the poor nekkid thing from the bottom shelf of a thrift store last week. She still needs some cleaning up, but I couldn't stand for her to be in the buff anymore. I took some vintage dinner napkins and made her a dress and angel wings. Until I can decide what to do for a halo/headband/whatever, she'll just wear this little ribbon.

The next project I'm tackling is a joint effort with my daughters. We each got a My Little Pony today, and we're in the process of altering them this week. I'm stoked, and I hope mine turns out the way I've envisioned. I'll post before and after pics when they're finished.

In the meantime, I'll steal and tweak a line from Vickie Howell of Knitty Gritty. "Craft on!" ;)

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