Girls, remember being 12?

And completely mortified at the thought of *anyone* knowing it was "that time"? I do. And while I wasn't one of them, there were girls at my school who didn't carry a purse 3 weeks out of the month. Well, Kat is 12 and doesn't carry a purse. So in an attempt to make "that time" as inconspicuous as possible for her, I combined her favorite color and her love of monkeys to make a cutesy little pouch for those "personal" items.

I had found a site (which I've since lost) that would turn a pretty simple image into a needlework graph. Kat found this (in my opinion) freakishly scary monkey and LOVED it, so I transformed it, cross-stitched it up, and stitched it onto this lime-green polka dot remnant I found at the evil place (translation=Walmart). It's lined with a solid lime green and has a zipper. Finished measurements are 3 1/2"x 5 1/2", so it can be easily tucked into her backpack, gym bag, or even coat pocket.

Whether she'll use it for its intended purpose remains to be seen. At least in my attempt to be a mom who understands what she's going thru, I've given her an option.


Ladybug said...

Ah yes, I totally remember being 12 and "that time", probably because I was living under a roof with 5 males. Geez, I wish someone was as thoughtful as you and made me one of those gorgeous purses. Heck I wish I'd made me one of those purses. Great job on the monkey too

nesa scraps said...

that is too cute!