Too many WIP's, not enough FO's

Since things have been so crazy around here with buying a house and getting ready to move while The Hub is deployed, my mind has seemed to run away and spiral out of control at times. I've started *many* projects, and that's very unlike me. Normally I have a max of 2 WIP's at a time, but I have about 10 going at the moment. Yeah, that's on top of raising a teenager, packing the house up, getting ready for a yard sale this weekend, and the current Koontz I'm reading.

Anyway, insomnia and the stress of my current situation got the better of me in the wee hours this morning. ~Sidenote: Why are they called "wee" hours anyway?~ With an atc blank and markers in hand, I let them become therapy for me. Sadly, this is the ONLY FO I can claim lately. *sigh*

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