From gross to kewl! AND I re-wired it!

I picked up this disgustingly nasty lamp at a thrift store for $3 the other day. I saw its potential, so I brought it home. Yeah, I know. Shocking.

Anyway, the socket was broken, the wiring was frayed, and it was FILTHY. The brass was all tarnished (and I hate brass anyway). So I picked up a wiring kit for it (YES, I REWIRED A FRIGGIN' LAMP!! AND IT WORKS!! I'm so pleased with myself!), painted the base, cleaned it up, and put in some of my seashells. I still need a shade for it, but I love my "new" lamp!

Whaddya think?


Wendylicious said...

You totally rock, there is no way I could rewire a lamp!

*BB* said...

You're brave to rewire it!! The new version is awesome!! Those seashells rock!