One more for the day

Gracie had a faux sheepskin liner in her beloved basket. She LOVES that basket, but shedding means laundry. After one too many washings, the liner shrunk and wouldn't stay on. Because she's a fleece whore, I bought a polar fleece pullover at a thrift store and attempted to make a new liner. It turned out too small, so I left it at a blanket in her basket for the longest time. So tonight, being in an exceptionally crafty mood, I searched thru my fabrics and found some purple fleece. It wasn't enough to do much with, so the lightbulb came on.

My second attempt turned out much better. I couldn't even get the liner in place before the little huzzie was in there purring away and making biscuits.
The pic is a little dark, but you get the jist. Yep, she's a happy little furbaby tonight.

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