Pergamano, anyone?

A new lady moved to town and added some classes to the schedule at the store. I looked at the samples and HAD to know how she did it. I did some research online and discovered that here in the States, it's a rare hobby. I signed up for the classes and just completed the 2nd one tonight. I LOVE the end result!

After the first class, a friend and I went online to order starter kits, and found that THE ONLY PLACE in the COUNTRY to order was So their website is great, and their shipping was quick. We ordered on Tuesday afternoon, and our order was delivered on Saturday.

So anyway, check out what I made!

This was from the first class I attended.

And I made this bookmark at tonight's class. Ignore the funky blue background. My scanner's stuck on stupey right now, so I had to have a dark color behind the images, and that was the closest thing in reach.

If you're groovin', you can check out and their gallery. There are some gorgeous things posted over there!


kerlaine said...

it's marvellous!

Wendylicious said...

What exactly is it? The end result is very pretty!

Sew Bettie said...

That is very cool! Congrats on your new nephew too.